Coast HQ celebrates International Women’s Day

We love how International Women’s Day celebrates the achievements of women and gender equality! The Coast team took the time to look back on the girls they love – we chat to design manager Bonnie & allocator Megan about the most influential women in their life…

Who would you call your biggest female influence?

B     It might be cliché…but my mum! She’s been kind and consoling when I’ve needed it most and has given me a good old kick up the derriere when I’ve needed it, too! She’s fun and kind, curious and adventurous – and she’s got style!

M    There are many! I think Kate Winslet is definitely one of them. She is proud of her imperfections and encourages everyone to challenge body negativity. That makes a female icon for me.


If they were represented as an iconic piece of clothing, what would they be?

B    My mum had these mad harem pants when we were little…they were turquoise!  They were mental – thankfully she doesn’t wear them anymore (since about ’94) but confidence is definitely compelling!

M    Kate Winslet always goes for the fitted shift dresses to show off her feminine figure – I could see her in our Suzie shift dress.


What words of advice would you like to pass on to continue to inspire women who love Coast?

B   Nothing stays the same.  Try new things, push yourself and enjoy the process of ‘finding out’ rather than obsessing over the end result.

M   Don’t underestimate your abilities and always push yourself, as well as having lots of fun along the way!


What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

B   Internationally celebrating the fact that women are an essential part of life – in society, creativity, collaboration and getting things done, wherever you are in the world. In a personal way, it’s a day to thank those close friends, family members and colleagues who make the day to day a positive place to be.

M   It creates an awareness of the gender gap and helps to reduce bias so both females and males are given equal opportunities. An important day everyone should celebrate!

Becky Coast Blogger