Meet the Senior Marketing Coordinator for our Oxford Street Flagship Store

Our marketing team have been working super hard to in order to create the very best of launch parties that Oxford Street will […]

Our marketing team have been working super hard to in order to create the very best of launch parties that Oxford Street will ever see! Here, our Senior Marketing Coordinator, Emma, shares some behind the scenes party planning secrets and hints at many a celebrity appearance at our opening press party…

Name: Emma Mckeever

Role: Senior Marketing Coordinator

1) What can our guests expect from the launch party?

It will be the ultimate Coast occasion!  We are the experts in dressing life’s occasions and we want this event to reflect that, it truly is going to be a fabulous event for everybody.

2) What elements of the party are you most excited about?

Most definitely the special guest appearance we have planned! Also, we will be creating a lot of theatre around the launch of the new flagship which won’t just be happening inside the store but also in and around Oxford Street!  If you are in the area be sure to keep an eye out…

3) Can we expect celebrities at the press party? Can you give any clues?!

Maybe… I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise!

4) What challenges have you faced whilst party planning?

The biggest challenge is coordinating all the different elements that go into putting on a big event – its takes lots of different people to make it a success and my job is to make sure they all work in sync.

5) We hear that there will be a salon show on opening day; can you explain what this is?

It’s like a fashion show except the models don’t use a catwalk.  Instead they walk amongst the guests so that you can get a really good view of the outfits; it’s the perfect way to show off our couture inspired gowns.

Alexis Mabille SS12 Salon Show: an inspiration to our launch party

6) There are two parties on the opening day, what’s the difference?

First of all, we have an event for our customers – this is our opportunity to invite the fans of the brand to experience the store before anyone else.

Later on that evening we will hold an event for the Press and celebrities so that we can generate awareness for the store amongst key journalists and opinion formers.

7) What is on your wish list from the exclusive flagship collections?

I’m a real magpie so I have my eye on nearly all of the sequin dresses, my list is endless!

Stay tuned for our next issue of our ‘Meet the…’ series where we will be interviewing our visual merchandising team who have been busy organising the stunning collections around our biggest store yet!  


(Images sourced from Pinterest)