Jess Evans in Coast at the Pride of Britain Awards

Coast dresses Pride of Britain Awards winner Jess Evans for her red carpet outfit. See how gorgeous she looks and read her inspirational story.

Jess Evans in Coast Sasha Bow Maxi Dress at Pride of Britain Awards Jess Evans with Holly Willoughby at the Pride of Britain Awards in Sasha Bow Maxi Dress

Once a year, ITV hosts their Pride of Britain Awards, a ceremony dedicated to those who have acted bravely or extraordinarily in challenging situations. Honouring the country’s everyday heroes, it’s an evening when lives are changed as they are celebrated with deserving praise. We follow the brave story of award winner Jess Evans on the run up to the event.

The story of Jess Evans and Mike Houlston’s journey has been heard nationwide. Two years ago Jess fell pregnant with twins, but 12 weeks into the pregnancy, tragic news struck the couple when they were told that one of their twins Teddy was fatally ill and would not live long after his birth. Despite this earth-shattering news, the couple made the brave decision to donate their son’s organs after his birth.

When baby Teddy and his brother Noah were born, Jess and Mike were able to spend only 100 minutes with both their sons until Teddy passed away. Teddy was able to donate his heart valves as well as his kidneys, which were then transported to desperately ill people across the country.

Jess and Mike wanted to share their story and raise awareness for the importance of organ donation. Through their campaign work, there has been a 378% rise in the number of people signing the organ donation register. Jess and Mike were brave enough to use this story as a way of highlighting the importance of organ donation.

Jess and Mike are an inspirational couple and truly deserve their Pride Of Britain Special Recognition Award. Congratulations to both of them for turning their heart-breaking story into a positive one.

Becky Coast Blogger