The Ascot Races Dress Code

The Royal Ascot Races is the nation’s favourite event for dressing up. Taking you back to styling rules that stand for fun and elegance, it lends itself to becoming a sartorial showcase of summer style. With a little help from the rule book and our styling tips, be sure to strike up the perfect balance of statement and sophistication with our guide to the perfect ascot outfit…

A History of Race Day Fashion

The Royal Enclosure

By far the grandest of all the stands, being sat in the Royal Enclosure is an honour and the dress code reflects this. The official Ascot Races Dress Code requests the following:

  • Hats should be worn, but a head piece with a solid base of 4 inches or wider is also acceptable
  • Dresses and skirts should fall below the knee or longer
  • Dresses and tops must have straps of one inch width or wider
  • Jackets and pashminas can be worn, but the dress underneath must still comply with the rules above
  • Trouser suits are allowed, if in matching fabrics and colour
  • Midriffs must be covered and halter neck, strapless or spaghetti strap styles are not permitted

Our knee length skirts fall at just the perfect length for this dress code, giving an elegant A-line silhouette which is both flattering and timeless. Pair with a statement top and one of our larger fascinators for a look that’s chic and feminine. If you’re in need of a cover-up, we recommend a structured jackets.

A History of Race Day Fashion

The Queen Anne Enclosure

Whilst the Queen Anne Enclosure is a more relaxed affair, occasion wear at its finest is still expected. Hats, headpieces and fascinators of all styles are welcomed and should be worn at all times. Embrace the rules with our statement headwear designed to finish your look beautifully.

Strapless and sheer dresses are not permitted, so get creative styling classic styles with plenty of coverage that still keep you cool. Trousers have to be full length and worn with a top which doesn’t expose the midriff, so avoid cropped culottes or high waisted crop tops. Floral prints are ideal for Ascot; a flared hem or high neck can really make you stand out from the crowd.

Stripes are always a popular choice on race day thanks to their versatility. Whether you want to make a bold style statement in classic monochrome or go for a softer look in neutral tones, the simplicity of stripes means that there’s plenty of opportunity to accessorise.

A History of Race Day Fashion

The Windsor Enclosure

The Windsor Enclosure has no specific formal style rules, however novelty items and replica branded sportswear is not permitted. Despite the lack of formality, a degree of elegance is still expected.

Here you can be a lot more daring with your style, so don’t be afraid to experiment. An off-the-shoulder Bardot neckline is both graceful and on trend, whilst exotic hot hues of orange are fun and striking.

For even more styling inspiration for your trip the Royal Ascot, be sure to visit our site for our editorial guide to getting it right.

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